MTC Week 1


I am in the MTC! WOW! Getting dropped off here was HILARIOUS. Holla at Cosette and Nick for making it a happy time instead of a sad one. Nick was telling everyone he was my boyfriend and holding my hand and they were yelling weird things at all the missionaries. The Elder that helped me take my bags in was so scared. So I laughed all the way in. It has been a dry-eyed experience for me at the MTC so far haha I haven’t felt homesick. But I have only been here for 2 days. But I don’t think it will happen. Sorry mom.

I LOVE MY COMPANIONS. #blessed. I’m in a trio companionship. One is Sister Sunshine (not her real name haha it’s Schultz) but I call her that because she is a BALL OF SUNSHINE. She is a combination of Rachel Cornelison and Brooke Farrow two of the nicest girls I know. So much love in her heart. Always so sweet, happy, and positive. She smiles for me when I am too tired to. (I am super tired. I am used to like 10+ hours of sleep so I need to adjust.) My other companion is Sister Telephono (Sister Vonotabua). She is from Fiji. No one can say her name right. She is hilaaaarious. She keeps me laughing it is perfect. She always wants to do rebellious things like drive the golf cart or pull the emergency telephone off the hook. It’s great.

My favorite time of day is language study. I am always so in the zone. I love learning. And Spanish has definitely come in handy. And the Spirit is so strong here! All the time. It’s amaaaazing.

I see people I know in the cafeteria all the time. Oh and I live next to my friend that I made in my mission prep class at BYU Sister Murphy love her. But I’ve also seen Kara Sheffield, Chasen Sanford, Morgan May, Tiffany Blake, and Hannah Robinson. Kara and I just exchanged some of our Cambodian and Ilonggo (Hiligaynon) at lunch. She sounds sooooo cool HAHA she’s doing great. I have a bunch of Pacific Islander friends so I have mad street cred. So I’ve really made it here in the MTC. I have friends from Tahiti, New Zealand (Nick one sounds like Jonah from Summer Heights High so I love him), Fiji, Samoa, and some other crazy islands I have never even heard of. I always tell everyone to teach me stuff in their different languages so I will know lots of cool things that no one will understand hahaha.

It has also been pretty overwhelming because we are ALWAYS busy and have so many things thrown at us so I kinda felt like I had been hit by a bus at first. But I was pretty good at calming myself down and not getting stressed. And we went to the temple today and the peace and comfort the temple and the Holy Ghost bring are so so real. So I am feeling so good and relaxed now. 

Nagapasalamat ko para sa ebanghelyo kag pamilya ko. (I am grateful for the gospel and my family). We are teaching a mini lesson tomorrow in Ilonggo whaaaaat. It will be interesting hahaha.

Pictures next week, I need to get an adapter from the bookstore.

Mahal kita!!!! (That’s Tagalog not Ilonggo for I love you).

Sister Allegretti