MTC Week 2


Things are goin great here. Last Sunday, the chorister at a meeting we had looked exactly like Kristen Wiig in the SNL skit where she has really small hands. I was dying. 

We teach lessons in HILIGAYNON and we have been here for a WEEK. MIRACLES. I mean it’s pretty bad Hiligaynon but still… 

My companions are my favorite people ever. 

Today I just looked at all the missionaries in the cafeteria and was thinking all of these 18-24 year olds left their family, friends, homes, hobbies, significant others, lives to come here to work EVERY DAY ALL DAY not for their benefit at all, simply to share with people the gospel of Jesus Christ. It blows my mind. I know a lot of people that read my emails aren’t LDS, but what the missionaries teach is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is not to convince people that the Mormon church is true, we are inviting them to come unto Christ and to follow His example. So awesome. It’s going to be super hard at times I’m sure but when I remember I am learning this ridiculous language, leaving my family and friends and sleep, etc, for some precious children of God in the Philippines to know Jesus Christ, wow, how could I complain?

Thank you everyone who has emailed me or written me letters! It is so so nice to hear from you. I think about you and pray for all of you every day! 

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Sister Spaghetti

(Everyone calls me Sister Spaghetti because they can’t pronounce my name… swear it’s not that hard but I love spaghetti so I’m cool with it.)