MTC Week 3


This week was great!! First off, I SAW COSY AND LAUREN TODD WHILE I WAS WALKING BACK FROM THE TEMPLE!!!! I also saw matt hutchings, dallin broberg, and dave kader! But cosy and some of my other friends were driving by and they started yelling my name and jumped out and i could not formulate words to say i was so excited. So that was AMAZING.

Also we got to go see the outside world because my companion had to go to the dentist so we drove by Nick’s apartment and I waved. So fun.

I also lost what are the odds and had to take a shot of sriracha at lunch yesterday. I did it like a champ and now i have even more street cred here at the MTC.

Ive been playing volleyball at gym time and I have found some long lost athletic ability that has been hiding deep inside of me all these years. I play with all of the islanders and they make me better. Ether 12:27 says that if we humble ourselves before the Lord, he will make our weaknesses strengths. I am living evidence that miracles happen.

In class my teacher asked one of the elders to stand up and close his eyes. He then had one of the really strong elders stand behind him quietly so he wouldnt know he was there. He told the one with his eyes closed to fall backwards. The first time he only went back like an inch before he put his foot down to catch himself but he felt Elder Faamoe behind him. So the next time he fell, he did it trusting that he would catch him. Eventually he would fall without hesitation, knowing there was someone there each time to catch him. This is like what happens when we exercise faith. The first couple times we act on faith, we simply hope someone is really there. But as we see the blessings that come from exercising faith, we become more and more confident that God is there to help us. 

Each time i make leaps of faith to come closer to God, i see His hand in my life and it is confirmed to me that He is there, looking out for me, and my faith grows. If you have even the smallest hope that God is real, I hope you have the courage to take leaps of faith to come closer to Him and i promise He will reward you with a better understanding of Him and His plan for you. 

Love you all!!!

Sister Allegretti