Cauayan Week 1

Maayong udto!!!!!

Before I left I would joke with people about how I am going to come back looking like Tarzan with dreads and and a loin clothe and just be one with nature. Well I legit probably will. I am assigned to one of the most rural parts of the mission! But also the most beautiful. I am literally living in a small little town right by the beach on an island in the Philippines. Wild. Almost all of the houses are made out of bamboo. And very small. And theres just like one main road. There’s chickens just walkin around everywhere. The other day two little chicks just wandered into the house when we were teaching. Super low key. And like goats and pigs and stuff. Super cool. I am pretty much camping for a year and a half. I take showers out of a bucket! Super fun. Our house is pretty cool. I took a picture but I hear the computers here have viruses and you can lose all of your pictures so I’ll try to find a solution for next week. We have a pregnant cat that hangs out on our porch and I love it.

My companions name is Sister Snow and she is from Provo and she is the nicest person ever and I would probably dead if she wasn’t here hahahaha. I already had my first encounter with a spider. It was a little bit smaller than my palm. I was like “Sister Snow there’s a huge spider on my suitcase help” and she was like oh that’s not even big (oh cool) and then smacked it with a shoe a couple times. She is a warrior. She is just the best. Everyone STARES at us because we are the only white people here. And they yell “kana” (American), “taas” (tall–at me, not her), and “guapa” (beautiful–they think pimples, fat, and white skin are beautiful so we are super beautiful here). The little kids love me though. There’s a big group of kids we teach and they just follow us out through the forest after our lessons it’s way fun. 

The people here are ridiculously kind and friendly and it’s super easy to start conversations with them. So humble. I already got to see a baptism my first Saturday and this Saturday two of our investigators are getting baptized. One of them is a 13 year old girl named Maria Luna and she totally reminds me of myself when I got baptized. I already love them so much! God’s children are precious. All of them! I love all of you!!!! I think of you and pray for you often. Sorry I don’t have more time to write all of you! Know that I love you and love hearing from you even if I can’t respond much. I’m just gunna put my head down and work really hard for the next 17 months and we can all catch up and have a party when I get back and don’t remember how to speak English and am brown and have dread locks.


Sister Allegretti