Cauayan Week 2

The subject is kinda a lie because I’m in Sipalay, not Cauayan, for a couple days with a different companion because mine had to go to some meetings in Bacolod. 

So this week i held a baby goat!!!! It was SO COOL.Tiny. It was the cutest thing ever. And it was “baa”-ing or whatever sound goats make. I took a picture that I will hopefully send… eventually. And I also held a tiny little baby kitten. Oh and a baby chick. There are so many baby animals just chillin everywhere it is like my own personal heaven. 

Two of the coolest kids ever got baptized on Saturday. One is 13 and one is 15. They are such good kids. It is always my favorite time of day when we get to go teach them. Super happy for them. 

It’s just amazing the perspective you have as a missionary. We were teaching an old man named Gregory that has a lot of guilt because of some gnarly sins he has committed in his life. And I was telling him that God is so proud of him and so happy that he is making steps to come closer to Him. I got really choked up because I could feel a piece of that love (only a very small piece of the amount of love God has for him). Everything we do here, every second of every day, is to help these people that we are teaching. And it’s so cool to feel charity–the pure love of Christ–for them. Our Father in Heaven loves us so much! His love makes me want to make Him proud of what I chose to do with my time here on Earth. I’m so grateful to know of and feel that love and to share it! 

I love you all!

Sister Allegretti