Cauayan Week 3

Hello everyone!

Everyone should watch this awesome video about Christ in celebration of Easter. It’s only like 2 minutes long but it will be the most beautiful two minutes of your day.

I thought that people asked me how tall I was/if i played basketball or volleyball a lot in America. I had no idea. If I got a peso for every time someone asked me that… I actually wouldn’t even be that rich because 1000 pesos is only like $20. But I’m asked that at least once an hour. One of our investigators is still actually afraid of me because I’m so tall. But it’s fine I’ll win her over eventually.

I can make a pretty mean stir fry these days. You all would be very proud of me. 

COOL THING i got to ride on a boat to a little island to teach someone in Sipalay earlier this week. It was way cool.

This week I was just reminded of the power of the word of God. The investigators that read the scriptures every day CHANGE. They find the strength to stop bad habits. The ones that don’t because they put less important things first, and don’t make time, are alone in their fight in life. We have to invite God if we want His help–through prayer and scriptures and going to church. Small things that are so, so important. Sometimes I look back and I can’t believe I thought anything was more important than praying and reading my scriptures every night. We cannot afford to not do it. If you need some extra power in your life, email me and I’ll give you an assignment :). I love you all tons and pray for you every day!


Sister Allegretti

PS Hand washing clothes is the worst. Do your laundry with a smile on your face if you have a machine. 


All of my new friends.

My cute companion and our humble abode.