Cauayan Week 4

Maayong hapon homies,

This week was sweet. We just worked hard. My companion is still an angel and a warrior and I love her. I held more kittens.

The coolest thing is the old man i told you all about before that has a lot of gnarly sins in his past. He is a way bad alcoholic. He didn’t go to school past like elementary school so I don’t know how much he understands from the Book of Mormon but he talks about how he can feel the Spirit and how it is changing him. He has so much faith and you can see how God has prepared him through his trials to accept Him. He is my favorite. He came to church on Sunday. And said he isn’t going to drink this week. He’s so cool.

I also just love all of the little kids here. I put smiley face stickers on their foreheads and they love it. It’s way funny. 

Oh we also got destroyed by some man from another religion. He was like drilling us with these crazy questions and told us we weren’t servants of God because we couldn’t answer them. Rude. But it was so cool to feel the difference when he talked verses when Sister Snow talked. I felt the Spirit testifying of truth to me so strongly when she testified of simple truths and I just felt hatred from him when he was talking to us. Complete absence of the Holy Ghost. So it was actually a really cool experience for me. 

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus Christ lives. And because of that, all that we do here in life is not in vain. We will live again. And Christ is alive and ready to help us when we reach out to Him. I love you all!

Sister Allegretti

My homies and I.

Me and a baby goat.