Cauayan Week 5


This week was great. We watched conference this weekend because of the time difference. And there was a brown out and we had to watch one of the sessions in Ilonggo and it was super fast and deep Ilonggo even the Filipinos couldn’t understand it so I’ve only seen two of the sessions so far. But they were great. All about families and families are the best!

The man Gregory I always tell you about came to church and HE ONLY DRANK ONCE THIS WEEK. That is an absolute miracle… before he was drinking every day. But one day last week we visited him and he was wasted and we said we wouldnt teach him while he was drunk and then next day he we asked if he would not drink at all the following day and he was like “i won’t drink all week” and we were like alrighty then thats even better! And he only slipped up once. He is so awesome. And his grandson is SO HAPPY that he is changing. 

And two of my favorite little kids (see picture on the beach) finally came back to church this week and it was like Christmas morning. I was SO EXCITED. I started jumping up and down. Hahahha. But yes great week. There was a cockroach in my bag this morning. Sister Snow got it out for me. There was a lizard in there a couple weeks ago. She got that out too.

I made sopas! Which is like chicken, vegetable Filipino soup that is super good. I will invite everyone over for sopas at the Allegretti’s one day. 

I love you all!!!

Sister Allegretti


FHE with a ton of crazy kids that are adorable. I made an egg explode into a bottle to explain the doctrine of Christ.

Melrose and Romnick 🙂