Cauayan Week 6


It was super gnarly to say the least.

Sister Snow was about to shower and she looked in the bucket and screamed and then we stood there for like ten minutes trying to figure out what we were gunna do. It was chillin in the bucket like half in the water half out. She ended up hitting it out of the bucket and just demolishing it with her shoe while she was screaming. It was crazy. She is a warrior. I couldn’t watch. She said it was the biggest one she’s seen the whole time she’s been here. She has 6 weeks until she goes home by the way. It was as big as my hand. It doesn’t look that big in the picture cause i didn’t want to get too close and its at a weird angle in the water but just take my word for it.

Also, I made pineapple curry chicken this week. It was amazing. I really took myself off guard by how good it turned out. Someone here made it for me once and just told me what she put in it and I just free styled it and bam. Namit. 

This Sunday a less active teenager that we love FINALLY came to church. He was really nervous. Hes just really shy and hasn’t been in a long time. He almost tried to make a run for it when he was walking through the doors. It was hilarious. But we were way happy that he was there. His name is Maricks and he’s like 16. And we have two baptisms this Friday! The two cutest kids in the world. Jesse and Jossie Rose. Their mom was less active but they all come to church now. They are the funnest family. Their little girl, Jillian, is like 3 but her personality is like a little adult. Its so funny. Sister Snow was looking at a picture and Jillian just says in the sassiest voice, “lentaw ko, be?!” That means like let me see it. Little kids speaking Ilonggo. There is nothing cuter. 

I love you all and pray for you every day!

Sister Allegretti


Giant spider.

All the people I’ve replaced you guys with. Just kidding you’re irreplaceable.