MTC Week 5

Kamusta kamo?!?!?!

So this week we were asked to study the scriptures for our companions and find something that might help them out. We were supposed to tell them what we want them to know, feel, and do. My fijian companion’s suggestions were for my other companion and i to…

Know: We are awesome.

Feel: We are awesome.

Do: Dance.

It was pretty hilarious. Because Sister Schultz had spent like half an hour preparing what we wanted to share hahahahha. Life is never boring with Sister Vono. 

Highlight of the week is of course when MY BROTHER JUMPED ON TOP OF ME AND SURPRISED ME OUTSIDE OF THE TEMPLE ON SUNDAY!!! For those of you who don’t know, missionaries don’t hug members of the opposite sex. And the other missionaries (including my branch president) were all watching as this random man came and jumped and straddled me. People freaked out. It was SO FUNNY. And so nice to see Nick! If you would like to see a video, look at Nick’s Instagram. 

Quote of the week: When I started reading a scripture, Sister Vono said, “I feel the power of Sister Allegretti coming over me.” Everything she said is a million times funnier because of her accent.

I loved what I learned listening to a talk by Elder Holland on Sunday. I sat next to KARA SHEFFIELD and we snuggled while we listened to it. The talk is called, “Missions are Forever.” Talking about how missions can be hard (and it really just applies to life in general) he said, “Why should it be easy for us if it was never easy for Him?” He then said, “How can we become disciples if we don’t understand our Master?” I always find strength in remembering that Jesus Christ has experienced every pain, sickness, and temptation that I will ever face. I am never alone and God will help me if I turn towards Him rather than away from Him during hard times.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I am super happy and the language is going great!

Palangga ko kamo!!!

Sister Allegretti

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Sister Sheffield (bestie), Sister May (friend from BYU), and I run into each other all the time.

Nick and I at the temple.