Binalbagan Week 10

This week, that random kid that talked to us on the side of the road and came to church came to church AGAIN hahaha and we didn’t even visit him. So that was super shocking and funny again.

My new companion is super hard working and a really awesome missionary so I’m excited because I feel like she will be really good for the area. (See picture)

I talked to an American this week because a return missionary visited with his dad and i talked to his dad. I ACCIDENTALLY SPOKE IN ILONGGO TO HIM LIKE 4 TIMES. It is rough. I am so scared to go back to America hahaha. 

We have this new investigators that knows a lot about the Bible and it’s awesome because I feel like he has such awesome potential. 

We also have this new investigator that’s Baptist and she is SO FUNNY haha she feeds us and is super sweet and she does this little dance thing and sings some weird song and she just cracks me up. She kind of reminds me of Jan Stonhaus, Filipino version. 

One of the Elders in our district transferred and I’m really sad cause he was cool and now there’s another American in the district. He’s pretty nice but Americans are kinda weird hahaha.

Coolest thing that happened this week. My favorite family here have a chicken. It’s super ugly. But their little kid was petting it and i wanted to try cause i didn’t know chickens would let you pet them. So it was chillin on the bench next to me and i was just petting it and it started falling asleep cause it was so happy. Then the member took it away but it came back and came and sat on my shoulder. Then the member took it away again and then it came back and flew and sat on my shoulder. (See picture) So me and the ugly chicken totally have a bond. I told them to name it Sister Allegretti but they don’t name the chickens cause they have to eat them.

Love you all have a great week!

Sister Allegretti

PS It’s my bday in a month minus 3 days. Just a reminder. 


Binalbagan Week 9

Another good week of hard work.

So our investigator was talking about the clothes that she sewed and talking about her sewing machine and i thought in my head, “shoot i forgot how to say “sew” and the words for sewing, urinating, and pooping are all super similar but i cant remember which ones which so im just gunna go for it” And then i went for it and i chose the wrong one. I asked her if she was good at peeing.

I can’t really think of other things that happened this week. That was the one thing that really stood out and i told myself i needed to remember. Just know that there were lots of other life changing spiritual uplifting experiences that I had as well. 

I’ll just take this time to point out that it is my birthday in about a month (October 24). The big 2-0. And if you want to make me really happy, you know what to do. My address is at

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.

Here are some left over picture from our hike a couple weeks ago.

Binalbagan Week 8


We didn’t end up going to the water fall last week cause it turns out its really far and you have to like ride a horse and stuff. But we hiked up a mountain to a giant cross instead. (see pictures) It was really hot haha i thought my companion was gunna die. Poor filipinos with their tiny legs. But the view was sweeeeeeet at the very top. 

So we had a lesson last night with a referral. The girlfriend of our recent convert. She is a babe and really sweet. And she came to church and is super receptive and accepted a baptismal date. So were really excited because that will probably finally be a baptism that wont fall through! 

Shout out to my dad because it was his birthday on the fourth. I took a picture with my favorite kids for your birthday. (see pictures) These kids are the best. They’re my favorite family here. Their mom cut my hair.

Yeah so i cut my hair. I was gunna wait until i go home but i still have a long time left and it was getting disgustingly long. So I couldn’t handle it anymore. So i had a member cut it. Because I heard if you go to the barber, they just cut it to whatever length and style they think is best. Pass. So Sister Artus just did it and she just took my big scissors and just went CHOP hahahhaa honestly though you can hardly even tell i cut it. It looks fine. It’s still long. 

We had a less active return this week! Yay for the rescue. It’s 80% less actives in the Philippines so just trying to decrease that alarmingly high number one person at a time. 

We’re just doing our best here in Binalbagan! I wish I could do more! Being a missionary is extremely humbling. 

I love you all! Have a great week!


Binalbagan Week 7

This week was awesome!

We went back to that island and just talked to a ton of new random people and they were so nice and we taught them and it was like a dream day as a missionary. There was one lesson where there were probably 20 kids gathered around with their moms and listened. It was way cool. I told Sister Castaneda i want to move to that island. It is my new favorite place. There was one little kid that was our tour guide all day and took us to visit all the people he knew. Then he came to church on Sunday! I love him. His name is Roberto. He introduced us to his parents and we are teaching them too! 

Later today I am going and hiking to some water fall and im way excited. Ill take lots of pictures. 

Oh also, yesterday, we visited a less active and he got us coconuts from his tree and chopped em up with his machete and we drank coconut water and ate the meat and it was AMAZING. 

I love you all!!!! Miss you!


Shakas with Sister Magbanua. She’s less active and is SO FUNNY. We visit her on those rough days. Some random kids I met. 


Binalbagan Week 6

This week we had mission tour!

Elder Bowen in the area seventy came and talked. He talked for like 2 or 3 hours and i felt like he was pouring wisdom directly into my brain. The leaders of the church are like wizards. They are geniuses. One of the awesome things he said was, “When we understand who we are, we act accordingly.” I just felt like a had a whole paradigm shift about life. Like he turned my whole world upside down. 

Then we got destroyed in terms of work this week… hahaha. But it’s fine we will do better this week. 

Also we just discovered our area has this sweet island. So we rode on a little boat to the island and adventured. And the locals climbed up the coconut trees and we ate coconuts. And we walked on this really sketchy bridge for a couple miles deep into some forest. It was way cool. 

Heres a picture of me on the bridge and a picture I took of the really pretty sunset on the boat in the middle of the water!

Love you all have an awesome week!

Sister Allegretti

Binalbagan Week 5

Hellooooo everyone!

This week was a turning point in my mission.

This transfer has been pretty rough and ive been pretty stressed. But this week I feel like I finally got out of myself and just focused on helping others. It was so awesome and so happy and so fun. 

We have met so many new people. And so many of them have awesome potential! We are so excited to help them progress. 

There is a 17 year old daughter and a mother that we randomly met while asking for directions. They invited us in their house and told us their story about their son/brother that committed suicide earlier this year. We got to share the plan of salvation with them. The Spirit was SO STRONG in that lesson. They are so prepared. 

There also is this man that we contacted that was smoking and drinking but he wanted to talk to us so we gave him a pamphlet. We came back later that week to follow up and he had read the whole thing. I though he was lying at first but he was referencing super specific information in it haha i was in shock. No one ever reads the whole pamphlet hahhaa. It was so awesome. His name is Alfredo. Hes super funny. 

Many others that we have met that are so awesome! I’ve enjoyed so much talking with random people and learning about their life stories this week.

I am super happy. This week I felt like a little taste of the bliss that comes from really losing yourself in the service of others. I can’t really explain it nor do I have time to try. But things are looking up here in Binalbagan! Thank you all for the support.

Shout out to Sister Dustin, Sandy Bertha, Laura Eddington, and Rebecca Burnett for sending me Dear Elders. I cried tears of joy it made me so happy to hear from them.

“If God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it.”

Love you all! 🙂

Sister Allegretti

Binalbagan Week 4

Hellooooo everyone,

So this week we had zone conference and exchanges and my companion had pink eye on Saturday so it was a crazy week. It also was my companions birthday on Wednesday. She turned 22! And she was given her first birthday cake she has ever had! I looked over at her and she had the BIGGEST smile on her face. She was really touched by the kindness of the members that made it really special. It was a happy day. 

I’m going to take a moment to talk about the culture since thats what most people ask me about all the time and I don’t have much else to say about the work.

So everyone here always greets us when we walk by. It’s really happy. And if you walk up to someone and start asking really straightforward, probing questions it’s like totally socially acceptable. ie. How old are you? Where do you live? <<totally okay. It makes talking to people as a missionary really easy. Also babies here never wear pants. Cause diapers are expensive and if you have dirt floors whats the big deal right? Also if you don’t eat everything on your plate and if you don’t take seconds, it’s super rude. And if they put more food on your plate and you’re already so full you’re gunna explode, it doesn’t matter, you eat it anyway. They have a lot of weird superstitions about medicines. I heard the weirdest stuff that my companion should do for her eyes. I was like um thank you were just gunna use the antibiotics cause science doesn’t lie. 

There are many other fun crazy weird things that maybe I will remember and think to tell you one day. Love you all! Hope you are doing well!

Sister Allegretti