Cauayan Week 11

Hello everyone!!

Every time I have to write these emails I forget everything that happened the previous week. Uuuuuum. Well it’s Sister Snow’s last week this week!! So we are just going to work like there is no tomorrow. 

Two of our recent converts gave a blessing to one of our investigators and the Spirit was so strong it was awesome.

And this less active that we have been visiting for SO LONG FINALLY came to church yesterday and it was literally the happiest thing to see him sitting in sacrament meeting I freaked out.

And we also finally got to teach the sister of one of our recent converts. He really wanted her to listen to the missionaries. And i actually jumped for joy with him after the lesson because it just reminded me of my brother and the huge impact his example has had on me. 

So the first of the pictures attached is from mother’s day–a little late i know–but those two little girls (Jillian and Ariana) are the CUTEST the younger one is SO FUNNY she acts like shes 16 and shes like 3. And the second picture if from our hike in the mountains. Check out the huge knife the child is casually swinging around. And huge carabao like this are everywhere here. I feel like this is a pretty good representation of things I see here everyday. I have a heart attack like everyday because of the sketchy things I see kids do. 

Anyway I love you all! Have a great week! Thank you everyone that sent me emails last week I didn’t have time to reply but I love hearing from you!

Love, Sister Allegretti