Binalbagan Week 1

What a week!

So we have only one progressing investigator right now! Haha…

But on the bright side, the members here are awesome! In Cauayan, the branch was so new a lot of the members were really new in the church but here there are generations which means strong members. It’s awesome. They feed us!! It is so great. Really good food.

By the way I ate stingray the other week (in Cauayan). It was really good. Kinda soft. But it was cooked in coconut milk and kinda spicy so it was way good. And I ate liver this week and it was also really good. I also ate a ton of ants before I left Cauayan! They were all over this coconut treat thing a member gave me and I didn’t want to offend her so I just ate it. It was disgusting. Well I couldn’t taste them but just thinking about it…

So when i moved from America to Cauayan, I experienced culture shock. People would crack jokes about how they didn’t have money to buy dinner. (they’re completely serious, but it was so normal people didn’t even think much of it). Cracked jokes about how their bamboo house was gunna fall over in the rain. (very serious, but so normal). And i had no running water in my house haha. NOW i am experiencing culture shock all over again! The houses here are HUGE i literally couldn’t stop saying that to my companion. Everyone’s speaking english to me (i hate it it confuses me to switch back and forth). It is so bizarre. It’s like im in America. People here are very well to do. I went from the poorest area to the richest area in the mission. 

But the people here arent used to me yet so EVERYONE is STARING at me all the time. I’ve gotten so used to random people yelling weird things at me and always staring at me. I just smile and wave.

A group of school girls asked if they could take a picture with me. 

My companion doesn’t speak very much English or Ilonggo so it’s like playing catch phrase and charades all day! Sometimes it’s really fun and sometimes it’s really exhausting. But she is so, so sweet. I really love her. 

Word of the day: pagapaaplaagon=scattered

So yeah we have pretty much no investigators right now. We met some people this week that we will follow up with but if any of you have any advice for effective finding, let me know because I’m super stressed. 

But still happy and so so grateful I have running water and my companion is sweet. And many other blessings.

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti