Binalbagan Week 10

This week, that random kid that talked to us on the side of the road and came to church came to church AGAIN hahaha and we didn’t even visit him. So that was super shocking and funny again.

My new companion is super hard working and a really awesome missionary so I’m excited because I feel like she will be really good for the area. (See picture)

I talked to an American this week because a return missionary visited with his dad and i talked to his dad. I ACCIDENTALLY SPOKE IN ILONGGO TO HIM LIKE 4 TIMES. It is rough. I am so scared to go back to America hahaha. 

We have this new investigators that knows a lot about the Bible and it’s awesome because I feel like he has such awesome potential. 

We also have this new investigator that’s Baptist and she is SO FUNNY haha she feeds us and is super sweet and she does this little dance thing and sings some weird song and she just cracks me up. She kind of reminds me of Jan Stonhaus, Filipino version. 

One of the Elders in our district transferred and I’m really sad cause he was cool and now there’s another American in the district. He’s pretty nice but Americans are kinda weird hahaha.

Coolest thing that happened this week. My favorite family here have a chicken. It’s super ugly. But their little kid was petting it and i wanted to try cause i didn’t know chickens would let you pet them. So it was chillin on the bench next to me and i was just petting it and it started falling asleep cause it was so happy. Then the member took it away but it came back and came and sat on my shoulder. Then the member took it away again and then it came back and flew and sat on my shoulder. (See picture) So me and the ugly chicken totally have a bond. I told them to name it Sister Allegretti but they don’t name the chickens cause they have to eat them.

Love you all have a great week!

Sister Allegretti

PS It’s my bday in a month minus 3 days. Just a reminder.