Binalbagan Week 2

Good morning America!

I finished the New Testament! Wooooo. The Book of Revelations is insane. Didn’t understand a word hahaha. 

So the highlight of my week: We walk by this basketball hoop every day and there are always a bunch of teenage boys playing. And i’ve made it a new tradition to shoot once every time we walk by. So these boys know now to pass me the ball. And one day there were a TON of them. And I threw it up and swooooosh. They went crazy. It was one of my better moments.

Also we ate pizza this week. 

So I feel like in this area I have been reassigned to serve in America. Cause no one wants to listen to the missionaries hahahaha. In Cauayan pretty much anyone would let you in their house. It’s a whole different ball game here in Binalbagan. 

But I realized that by the end of my mission I will have overcome all of my fears. Giant spiders. Rejection. Talking to crazy people. 

Here’s my companion on a super cool bridge over a river and here is me in front of our beautiful home. 

Thank you for the emails! I love you and miss you all! 

Sister Allegretti 🙂