Binalbagan Week 3

Heeeelloooo everyone 🙂

This week was a big improvement from last week! Last week was really rough haha. But we finally found some more investigators that are awesome and prepared. Because of referrals from members!! Members are so important in missionary work. 

There are two investigators, Mark and Emilio, both boys, 22 years old, and COLLEGE GRADUATES. They’re really smart. Computer kids. One of them is actually teaching at the college now. They understand everything we teach them. It is absolutely amazing. I have had some of my favorite lessons in my whole mission teaching them. Because we can go deep in the doctrine and they totally listen and get it and ask awesome questions and are super receptive and it is just amazing. And they accepted baptismal dates woooooo!!!! I am so excited for them. Their friend is about to serve a mission (he referred them to us) and has come to all of the lessons with us and helped us teach. Members are so so important in missionary work. Help the missionaries! 

There is a senior couple from America in the mission that I just love they’re like my grandparents and they came and visited and brought me oreos and hugs! I died I was so happy. Except i was trying to speak english to them and it was SO HARD hahahhaa i am scared for how much harder it will be in another year… Of course I remember how to speak english but i said a lot of things to them in ilonggo with out realizing it hahaha. Im sure they are used to it though. So be prepared for me to be really confused when i get back.

My companion and I are off to Bacolod city right after I’m done typing this email because we have a meeting tomorrow. Im really excited cause they have American food and CHOCOLATE yay. It will be fun to get out of our area for a little bit. 

Shout out to my little brother for turning 25. Super old. Everyone give him some love for me. 

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

PS My pictures are all super boring cause my area isnt as weird and crazy anymore. But ill send some next week.