Binalbagan Week 4

Hellooooo everyone,

So this week we had zone conference and exchanges and my companion had pink eye on Saturday so it was a crazy week. It also was my companions birthday on Wednesday. She turned 22! And she was given her first birthday cake she has ever had! I looked over at her and she had the BIGGEST smile on her face. She was really touched by the kindness of the members that made it really special. It was a happy day. 

I’m going to take a moment to talk about the culture since thats what most people ask me about all the time and I don’t have much else to say about the work.

So everyone here always greets us when we walk by. It’s really happy. And if you walk up to someone and start asking really straightforward, probing questions it’s like totally socially acceptable. ie. How old are you? Where do you live? <<totally okay. It makes talking to people as a missionary really easy. Also babies here never wear pants. Cause diapers are expensive and if you have dirt floors whats the big deal right? Also if you don’t eat everything on your plate and if you don’t take seconds, it’s super rude. And if they put more food on your plate and you’re already so full you’re gunna explode, it doesn’t matter, you eat it anyway. They have a lot of weird superstitions about medicines. I heard the weirdest stuff that my companion should do for her eyes. I was like um thank you were just gunna use the antibiotics cause science doesn’t lie. 

There are many other fun crazy weird things that maybe I will remember and think to tell you one day. Love you all! Hope you are doing well!

Sister Allegretti