Binalbagan Week 6

This week we had mission tour!

Elder Bowen in the area seventy came and talked. He talked for like 2 or 3 hours and i felt like he was pouring wisdom directly into my brain. The leaders of the church are like wizards. They are geniuses. One of the awesome things he said was, “When we understand who we are, we act accordingly.” I just felt like a had a whole paradigm shift about life. Like he turned my whole world upside down. 

Then we got destroyed in terms of work this week… hahaha. But it’s fine we will do better this week. 

Also we just discovered our area has this sweet island. So we rode on a little boat to the island and adventured. And the locals climbed up the coconut trees and we ate coconuts. And we walked on this really sketchy bridge for a couple miles deep into some forest. It was way cool. 

Heres a picture of me on the bridge and a picture I took of the really pretty sunset on the boat in the middle of the water!

Love you all have an awesome week!

Sister Allegretti