Binalbagan Week 5

Hellooooo everyone!

This week was a turning point in my mission.

This transfer has been pretty rough and ive been pretty stressed. But this week I feel like I finally got out of myself and just focused on helping others. It was so awesome and so happy and so fun. 

We have met so many new people. And so many of them have awesome potential! We are so excited to help them progress. 

There is a 17 year old daughter and a mother that we randomly met while asking for directions. They invited us in their house and told us their story about their son/brother that committed suicide earlier this year. We got to share the plan of salvation with them. The Spirit was SO STRONG in that lesson. They are so prepared. 

There also is this man that we contacted that was smoking and drinking but he wanted to talk to us so we gave him a pamphlet. We came back later that week to follow up and he had read the whole thing. I though he was lying at first but he was referencing super specific information in it haha i was in shock. No one ever reads the whole pamphlet hahhaa. It was so awesome. His name is Alfredo. Hes super funny. 

Many others that we have met that are so awesome! I’ve enjoyed so much talking with random people and learning about their life stories this week.

I am super happy. This week I felt like a little taste of the bliss that comes from really losing yourself in the service of others. I can’t really explain it nor do I have time to try. But things are looking up here in Binalbagan! Thank you all for the support.

Shout out to Sister Dustin, Sandy Bertha, Laura Eddington, and Rebecca Burnett for sending me Dear Elders. I cried tears of joy it made me so happy to hear from them.

“If God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it.”

Love you all! 🙂

Sister Allegretti