Binalbagan Week 7

This week was awesome!

We went back to that island and just talked to a ton of new random people and they were so nice and we taught them and it was like a dream day as a missionary. There was one lesson where there were probably 20 kids gathered around with their moms and listened. It was way cool. I told Sister Castaneda i want to move to that island. It is my new favorite place. There was one little kid that was our tour guide all day and took us to visit all the people he knew. Then he came to church on Sunday! I love him. His name is Roberto. He introduced us to his parents and we are teaching them too! 

Later today I am going and hiking to some water fall and im way excited. Ill take lots of pictures. 

Oh also, yesterday, we visited a less active and he got us coconuts from his tree and chopped em up with his machete and we drank coconut water and ate the meat and it was AMAZING. 

I love you all!!!! Miss you!


Shakas with Sister Magbanua. She’s less active and is SO FUNNY. We visit her on those rough days. Some random kids I met.