Binalbagan Week 8


We didn’t end up going to the water fall last week cause it turns out its really far and you have to like ride a horse and stuff. But we hiked up a mountain to a giant cross instead. (see pictures) It was really hot haha i thought my companion was gunna die. Poor filipinos with their tiny legs. But the view was sweeeeeeet at the very top. 

So we had a lesson last night with a referral. The girlfriend of our recent convert. She is a babe and really sweet. And she came to church and is super receptive and accepted a baptismal date. So were really excited because that will probably finally be a baptism that wont fall through! 

Shout out to my dad because it was his birthday on the fourth. I took a picture with my favorite kids for your birthday. (see pictures) These kids are the best. They’re my favorite family here. Their mom cut my hair.

Yeah so i cut my hair. I was gunna wait until i go home but i still have a long time left and it was getting disgustingly long. So I couldn’t handle it anymore. So i had a member cut it. Because I heard if you go to the barber, they just cut it to whatever length and style they think is best. Pass. So Sister Artus just did it and she just took my big scissors and just went CHOP hahahhaa honestly though you can hardly even tell i cut it. It looks fine. It’s still long. 

We had a less active return this week! Yay for the rescue. It’s 80% less actives in the Philippines so just trying to decrease that alarmingly high number one person at a time. 

We’re just doing our best here in Binalbagan! I wish I could do more! Being a missionary is extremely humbling. 

I love you all! Have a great week!