Binalbagan Week 9

Another good week of hard work.

So our investigator was talking about the clothes that she sewed and talking about her sewing machine and i thought in my head, “shoot i forgot how to say “sew” and the words for sewing, urinating, and pooping are all super similar but i cant remember which ones which so im just gunna go for it” And then i went for it and i chose the wrong one. I asked her if she was good at peeing.

I can’t really think of other things that happened this week. That was the one thing that really stood out and i told myself i needed to remember. Just know that there were lots of other life changing spiritual uplifting experiences that I had as well. 

I’ll just take this time to point out that it is my birthday in about a month (October 24). The big 2-0. And if you want to make me really happy, you know what to do. My address is at

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.

Here are some left over picture from our hike a couple weeks ago.