Cauayan Week 10

Another week in paradise 🙂

This week was great. No spiders. 

We’ve got some really solid strong investigators that are preparing to be baptized but we’re kinda struggling to find new ones that are really prepared. But we’ve got faith they’ll come. 

I gave a talk in church this week. So yeah I can speak Ilonggo now so that’s pretty cool. The catch is that a lot of times I have no idea what people are saying. Usually people can understand languages a lot better than they can speak but i feel the opposite. But I’m being kinda dramatic I usually know what people are saying. 

Sister Snow is still really awesome. She goes home in two weeks though so I’m just trying to enjoy having her while I can. She washes my shoes for me sometimes. And gets shower water for me from the well. And she makes me food sometimes. And is really patient with me when I’m annoying. She’s an angel. Oh and she kills spiders. Giant spiders. And she guts her own fish and then cooks them. If there are any RM’s out there looking for a wife, she will be in Provo, Utah as of June 4th. She’s even making me cookies later.

We taught a lesson on the beach this week and the sunset was unreal. I took a picture that one day in the future, I will send to you all haha, but not this week.

Thank you for all of the prayers and emails and love you send me! I’ll be prayin and workin hard here for all of you 🙂

Sister Allegretti