Cauayan Week 12

Hi everyone!

Sister Snow and I parted our separate ways today! She’s on her way to all of you in the states! My new companion is Sister Camo. She seems so sweet. I literally just met her so I don’t know very much about her. But she is Filipino! And she is tall! She’s 5’7”. Even taller than Sister Snow. It was really sad saying goodbye to her earlier. We had a great 3 months together.

This week we had baptisms and it was awesome. And we saw big purple jellyfish in the river. And there was a centipede in our house! I hear that they are poisonous. Don’t worry, Sister Snow killed it.

I have a funny story. So on our morning run, there is this crazy old man (may or may not be homeless) that is really skinny and old and he started jogging along side us hahahah with his cigarette sticking out of his mouth. It was way funny. I was cracking up while we were running.

So I am officially done with my training! And I have to lead the area now that I have a new companion so it’s time to step up! But I am excited.

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti