Cauayan Week 13

Maayong aga family!!!!

This week was like the most stressful week of my life hahaha. I’ve got a ton of peoples salvation on my shoulders. And school just started here so our schedules all messed up. But it’s all good Heavenly Father seriously just poured the blessings on us this week. We worked so hard.

My new companion is awesome. She is from manila so she is going to teach me tagalog 🙂 i know like a couple phrases so far haha. But shes really funny and energetic and is a really good missionary. She understands english so usually i talk to her in english and she talks to me in Ilonggo and we can understand each other :).

My emails just gunna be a shout out to my trainer Sister Snow that is now with all of you at home. When I first got here, I felt kinda like we weren’t making that much of a difference in the area here. Because you experience so many disappointments. But when Sister Snow left, it was like my mind was opened to all of the affects we’ve had on the people here. We cried with so many people when she left because they love her so much for all that she did for them. The Gumabras family now go to church every Sunday and a less active Brother Nollie is coming back to church, and the Fernando’s know how to pray now and are coming to church. They all love her so much. It was just really awesome to see the footprint she left here in Cauayan. Because it is huge. And it made my love for missionary work grow a ton. I’m so blessed to be here to help these people!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Sister Allegretti

Quinesariz family (less active but returned and their 9 year old was just baptized).

Rina our awesome convert that is super strong and was just baptized. Ill send one of Sister Camo and I next week 🙂