Cauayan Week 16

Maayong aga! Maayong gabi actually because it’s night time in America right now.

We’re a little late to email right now because we were busy trying to safely help a butterfly out of our house. As much as I loved having it in our house, it was going to die. It was really big and pretty :). Im sure most of you know that butterflies are my favorite things in the world. And there are really pretty butterflies here its awesome.

This week there was something called fiesta here! I would love to explain what it is but I don’t really know hahaha. Now that I don’t have an American companion, sometimes when everyone is speaking Ilonggo to me I just nod my head and act like I know what they’re saying because I’m too lazy to try to figure it out hahaha. From what I understood they all go to the beach and throw water at each other. 

So there are a lot of transvestites in the Philippines. It’s really interesting. Usually they come out in little packs at night time. BUT since it was fiesta there were huge HEARDS of them. So many. It made me wonder where they all go during the day… 

So this week was pretty rough. It was super rough actually. Like no one was home because school, fiesta, rain… So we had very few lessons so I was really stressed. But it’s okay because it’s a new week and we are going to change how we do things and work even harder!

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. Now I’m starting over and I’m going to finish the New Testament soon. There are some interesting verses in the bible haha.

Anyway, in the pictures we met these two really sweet old ladies, Alma and Faviola. Faviola is the one sitting next to me and shes like 90 something. They’re so cute. And I also found COLORFUL CHICKS which was one of my goals for the mish hahahhaa they were really cute. 

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

PS I’m super excited for the fourth of July im going to rep my country with red white and blue and im trying to figure out how i can do something exciting at night to celebrate without breaking mission rules. Let me know if you have suggestions.