Cauayan Week 17

I have so much to write about and not enough time.

I made cabonera pasta. It was way good. It had bacon in it.

I slipped and ATE IT outside of our house hahahha. I had a bunch of laundry in my hands and a member was like “ako lang, ako lang” (she will carry them) but i was like “indi sister ako lang!” (no ill do it!) because it was raining and i didnt want her to get wet so i ran away from her but the ground was slippery cause it was raining and i just planked and my elbow is purple and hurts really bad hahahha. But it was SO FUNNY i laugh every time i think about it. And the member rubbed ointment on my elbow and was like “kaluoy kay sister” over and over haha shes so cute. 

FOURTH OF JULY. I blew giant plastic bubbles and tried to light them on fire but they’re not flammable… so i just blew giant bubbles alone on the floor… (see picture) and i sang the national anthem for my companion and WOW i am horrible at singing. Before i thought i was like just okay at singing but on the mish i have learned im just awful.

I held a baby goat the day after it was born. SO CUTE. (see picture)

I got a flu shot and i didnt even cry or laugh hysterically! And they gave me cookies after.

We have a new mission president! He is SO COOL and his wife is so sweet (return missionary too) and is a BABE. They’re both from Bacolod! So they speak Ilonggo and english it is awesome because before we couldn’t speak ilonggo to the president but now we can. It’s really hard to switch back and forth so i usually speak in a wierd mixture of Ilonggish to other missionaries and now we can to president.

President Boyd K Packer died 😦 He was my favorite so i was really sad to hear that. But I’m sure he’s really happy doin his thing on the other side. 

This week was kinda rough again but there were awesome tender mercies! When we were on member splits this woman started asking me questions about the church. She has 11 kids hahaha and they came to church!!! Not all of them. But they want to be baptized. So awesome. Such a blessing. And we found this man that we have been trying to contact FOR EVER we just had a prompting to ask him if he knew Albert Belleza turns out he IS Albert Belleza! So cool. It’s been months of trying to find him. Also we are teaching this big group of boys around the age of 20. They’re what they call a “berkada” its like a gang… but not in the sketchy way. They’re just a big group of homies. Anyway its a good time. 

I LOVE YOU ALL. Don’t even miss me cause I’ll be back real quick. 

Sister Allegretti

^^mission address. write me letters 🙂