Cauayan Week 18 (Transfer!)

After four and a half months of having no running water in our house, this morning I was finally able to flush my toilet without having to pump water in a bucket first. I transferred! My new area is in Binalbagan. Which is really close to Cauayan actually. But our house is SO NICE. It’s awesome. 

My new companion is Sister Castaneda. She is Filipino. She is 5 1. She seems really sweet. I just met her but so far so good haha. So I am senior companion. She just finished training yesterday. But I pretty much just finished training too so we’re both just newbs. But she doesn’t know very much Ilonggo yet… or English so I will probably be learning some Tagalog hahaha. All I know right now is how to ask where someone is from and what their name is. But I am excited to get to work here in Binalbagan!

I fell in a rice field this week. The picture isnt loading so youll all have to wait. Rice fields are all mud if you’ve never seen a rice field. 

We haven’t been able to visit one of our investigators for a couple weeks (he smokes) so we were pretty worried about his progress. But we followed up with him and he hasn’t smoked for two weeks! Such a miracle. So he should be baptized on July 25th! Brother Ark. He’s been trying to stop smoking for a long time now. I’ve taught him for my whole stay in Cauayan. He’s 19. I am so so happy for him. 

That huge family that talked to me came to church last week! It was awesome. They should be baptized in August. Yay!

I will miss Cauayan and all the people I met there. They became like family to me. But now it is time to help the people in Binalbagan! 

Love you people!

Sister Allegretti