Cauayan Week 9

I just got to talk to the fam bam for mother’s day and it was the best :).

This week was another fun week in the Philippines. There was another giant spider that snuck out from behind our fridge. This one was the gnarliest one yet. I have a good picture. But im gunna have to wait another week to send pictures because im in another sketchy internet cafe. So stay tuned.

Yesterday we had a lesson with three teenagers (ages 15-17) from one of our tougher areas. They live in a place called Isio which is pronounced “issue.” Isio’s got a lot of issues. It’s a poorer area and everyone’s always smoking and drinking and gambling and all the kids skip class. And these three kids have gone inactive in the church. And we were teaching them and they started asking us questions and opening up about how their friends all tell them that they’re gay if they don’t smoke and stuff and it was so sad. But I just talked to them about my own personal experiences with like choosing which path you’re going to take and keeping your eye on the future. It was so awesome. I just love those kids. I love that age. It was so nice to be able to relate and give them a vision of how bright their future can be if they stay active in the church. 

They are so precious. And I know that substance abuse, and a lot of other things that the world turns to for comfort, will not make us happy in the long run. The only thing that will bring us lasting happiness is faith in Jesus Christ. All else will fail. People die. Money is lost. Lives filled with partying are empty. When we build our lives on the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have a happiness and light that will stay even through our darkest times. And I know that from personal experience. I love our Savior and His Church and I’m so glad I am able to serve Him all day every day! I love all of you and hope you have a fantastic week.

Phyllis Allegretti is the best mom in the world.


Sister Allegretti

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