Send letters to:

Sister Jessica Allegretti

Philippines Bacolod Mission

PO Box 660,

Bacolod City

6100 Negros Occidental


Send packages to:

Sister Jessica Allegretti

Philippines Bacolod Mission

Galo St. between Lacson & Mabini

Brgy. 22, Bacolod City

6100 Negros Occidental


Email me at:


One thought on “Address

  1. Hiyop Sister Jessie!

    Don’t know much Tagalog, just the silly words 😊. You sound like you are really enjoying your mission and people there are very welcoming.
    I’m at my dads house and last night I was showing them your pictures and sharing your adventure with them. Flo, stepmom, was really excited to hear you were in PI. We were cracking up about the bucket in shower!! She wanted me to ask you if you’ve been to the island of Cebu, that’s where she is from. I told her that I don’t think they cross island to island but she insisted I ask and really hopes you can visit there. She said there are a lot of Mormon in Cebu and she remembers as a child (not so long ago in her case) seeing Mormons everywhere she went. My dad was reminiscing about the good old days and asked if you were still the little Jessie he remembers. I said she is still sweet Jessie just a smidgen taller. Hahaha!
    I had my graduation ceremony Friday!! Woot Woot! I still have one month of school to review all that I’ve learned then I have my externship and then they cut the umbilical cord. (Side track: I’m trying to write to you and my dad keeps interrupting and asking me questions like is she close to the ocean? How’s Jack and Phyllis? Do they bapitize in the ocean? Sheesh…they (Andrew is chiming in too) won’t shut up!!hahaha!) After internship I will have an Associates Degree as a Medical Assistant, I’m so excited!
    Apryl starts LCC this year and hopefully will make it on the soccer team if not, she wants to tryout for LAX. I had told her you played LAX too. She’s not into boys yet, but her friends are. I have a little while until she will feel her first heartache.
    Cam is attending Mira Costa Cardiff and will go to a 4 year after his two years. He works one day a week with his dad and volunteers at Freshstart, a non-profit organization in which doctors go abroad and perform surgeries on kids with facial deformities. He volunteered at Radys Children’s yesterday (Sat. July 11th.
    Wally is still in love with Scooter and misses him dearly.
    Hopefully you get this letter printed as you requested. (My dads talking again!!)
    I’m not missing you to much since you’ll be home soon!! 😘
    Love you Sister Heheca!!


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