Binalbagan Week 3

Heeeelloooo everyone 🙂

This week was a big improvement from last week! Last week was really rough haha. But we finally found some more investigators that are awesome and prepared. Because of referrals from members!! Members are so important in missionary work. 

There are two investigators, Mark and Emilio, both boys, 22 years old, and COLLEGE GRADUATES. They’re really smart. Computer kids. One of them is actually teaching at the college now. They understand everything we teach them. It is absolutely amazing. I have had some of my favorite lessons in my whole mission teaching them. Because we can go deep in the doctrine and they totally listen and get it and ask awesome questions and are super receptive and it is just amazing. And they accepted baptismal dates woooooo!!!! I am so excited for them. Their friend is about to serve a mission (he referred them to us) and has come to all of the lessons with us and helped us teach. Members are so so important in missionary work. Help the missionaries! 

There is a senior couple from America in the mission that I just love they’re like my grandparents and they came and visited and brought me oreos and hugs! I died I was so happy. Except i was trying to speak english to them and it was SO HARD hahahhaa i am scared for how much harder it will be in another year… Of course I remember how to speak english but i said a lot of things to them in ilonggo with out realizing it hahaha. Im sure they are used to it though. So be prepared for me to be really confused when i get back.

My companion and I are off to Bacolod city right after I’m done typing this email because we have a meeting tomorrow. Im really excited cause they have American food and CHOCOLATE yay. It will be fun to get out of our area for a little bit. 

Shout out to my little brother for turning 25. Super old. Everyone give him some love for me. 

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

PS My pictures are all super boring cause my area isnt as weird and crazy anymore. But ill send some next week. 


Binalbagan Week 2

Good morning America!

I finished the New Testament! Wooooo. The Book of Revelations is insane. Didn’t understand a word hahaha. 

So the highlight of my week: We walk by this basketball hoop every day and there are always a bunch of teenage boys playing. And i’ve made it a new tradition to shoot once every time we walk by. So these boys know now to pass me the ball. And one day there were a TON of them. And I threw it up and swooooosh. They went crazy. It was one of my better moments.

Also we ate pizza this week. 

So I feel like in this area I have been reassigned to serve in America. Cause no one wants to listen to the missionaries hahahaha. In Cauayan pretty much anyone would let you in their house. It’s a whole different ball game here in Binalbagan. 

But I realized that by the end of my mission I will have overcome all of my fears. Giant spiders. Rejection. Talking to crazy people. 

Here’s my companion on a super cool bridge over a river and here is me in front of our beautiful home. 

Thank you for the emails! I love you and miss you all! 

Sister Allegretti 🙂


Binalbagan Week 1

What a week!

So we have only one progressing investigator right now! Haha…

But on the bright side, the members here are awesome! In Cauayan, the branch was so new a lot of the members were really new in the church but here there are generations which means strong members. It’s awesome. They feed us!! It is so great. Really good food.

By the way I ate stingray the other week (in Cauayan). It was really good. Kinda soft. But it was cooked in coconut milk and kinda spicy so it was way good. And I ate liver this week and it was also really good. I also ate a ton of ants before I left Cauayan! They were all over this coconut treat thing a member gave me and I didn’t want to offend her so I just ate it. It was disgusting. Well I couldn’t taste them but just thinking about it…

So when i moved from America to Cauayan, I experienced culture shock. People would crack jokes about how they didn’t have money to buy dinner. (they’re completely serious, but it was so normal people didn’t even think much of it). Cracked jokes about how their bamboo house was gunna fall over in the rain. (very serious, but so normal). And i had no running water in my house haha. NOW i am experiencing culture shock all over again! The houses here are HUGE i literally couldn’t stop saying that to my companion. Everyone’s speaking english to me (i hate it it confuses me to switch back and forth). It is so bizarre. It’s like im in America. People here are very well to do. I went from the poorest area to the richest area in the mission. 

But the people here arent used to me yet so EVERYONE is STARING at me all the time. I’ve gotten so used to random people yelling weird things at me and always staring at me. I just smile and wave.

A group of school girls asked if they could take a picture with me. 

My companion doesn’t speak very much English or Ilonggo so it’s like playing catch phrase and charades all day! Sometimes it’s really fun and sometimes it’s really exhausting. But she is so, so sweet. I really love her. 

Word of the day: pagapaaplaagon=scattered

So yeah we have pretty much no investigators right now. We met some people this week that we will follow up with but if any of you have any advice for effective finding, let me know because I’m super stressed. 

But still happy and so so grateful I have running water and my companion is sweet. And many other blessings.

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti


Cauayan Week 18 (Transfer!)

After four and a half months of having no running water in our house, this morning I was finally able to flush my toilet without having to pump water in a bucket first. I transferred! My new area is in Binalbagan. Which is really close to Cauayan actually. But our house is SO NICE. It’s awesome. 

My new companion is Sister Castaneda. She is Filipino. She is 5 1. She seems really sweet. I just met her but so far so good haha. So I am senior companion. She just finished training yesterday. But I pretty much just finished training too so we’re both just newbs. But she doesn’t know very much Ilonggo yet… or English so I will probably be learning some Tagalog hahaha. All I know right now is how to ask where someone is from and what their name is. But I am excited to get to work here in Binalbagan!

I fell in a rice field this week. The picture isnt loading so youll all have to wait. Rice fields are all mud if you’ve never seen a rice field. 

We haven’t been able to visit one of our investigators for a couple weeks (he smokes) so we were pretty worried about his progress. But we followed up with him and he hasn’t smoked for two weeks! Such a miracle. So he should be baptized on July 25th! Brother Ark. He’s been trying to stop smoking for a long time now. I’ve taught him for my whole stay in Cauayan. He’s 19. I am so so happy for him. 

That huge family that talked to me came to church last week! It was awesome. They should be baptized in August. Yay!

I will miss Cauayan and all the people I met there. They became like family to me. But now it is time to help the people in Binalbagan! 

Love you people!

Sister Allegretti

Cauayan Week 17

I have so much to write about and not enough time.

I made cabonera pasta. It was way good. It had bacon in it.

I slipped and ATE IT outside of our house hahahha. I had a bunch of laundry in my hands and a member was like “ako lang, ako lang” (she will carry them) but i was like “indi sister ako lang!” (no ill do it!) because it was raining and i didnt want her to get wet so i ran away from her but the ground was slippery cause it was raining and i just planked and my elbow is purple and hurts really bad hahahha. But it was SO FUNNY i laugh every time i think about it. And the member rubbed ointment on my elbow and was like “kaluoy kay sister” over and over haha shes so cute. 

FOURTH OF JULY. I blew giant plastic bubbles and tried to light them on fire but they’re not flammable… so i just blew giant bubbles alone on the floor… (see picture) and i sang the national anthem for my companion and WOW i am horrible at singing. Before i thought i was like just okay at singing but on the mish i have learned im just awful.

I held a baby goat the day after it was born. SO CUTE. (see picture)

I got a flu shot and i didnt even cry or laugh hysterically! And they gave me cookies after.

We have a new mission president! He is SO COOL and his wife is so sweet (return missionary too) and is a BABE. They’re both from Bacolod! So they speak Ilonggo and english it is awesome because before we couldn’t speak ilonggo to the president but now we can. It’s really hard to switch back and forth so i usually speak in a wierd mixture of Ilonggish to other missionaries and now we can to president.

President Boyd K Packer died 😦 He was my favorite so i was really sad to hear that. But I’m sure he’s really happy doin his thing on the other side. 

This week was kinda rough again but there were awesome tender mercies! When we were on member splits this woman started asking me questions about the church. She has 11 kids hahaha and they came to church!!! Not all of them. But they want to be baptized. So awesome. Such a blessing. And we found this man that we have been trying to contact FOR EVER we just had a prompting to ask him if he knew Albert Belleza turns out he IS Albert Belleza! So cool. It’s been months of trying to find him. Also we are teaching this big group of boys around the age of 20. They’re what they call a “berkada” its like a gang… but not in the sketchy way. They’re just a big group of homies. Anyway its a good time. 

I LOVE YOU ALL. Don’t even miss me cause I’ll be back real quick. 

Sister Allegretti

^^mission address. write me letters 🙂


Cauayan Week 16

Maayong aga! Maayong gabi actually because it’s night time in America right now.

We’re a little late to email right now because we were busy trying to safely help a butterfly out of our house. As much as I loved having it in our house, it was going to die. It was really big and pretty :). Im sure most of you know that butterflies are my favorite things in the world. And there are really pretty butterflies here its awesome.

This week there was something called fiesta here! I would love to explain what it is but I don’t really know hahaha. Now that I don’t have an American companion, sometimes when everyone is speaking Ilonggo to me I just nod my head and act like I know what they’re saying because I’m too lazy to try to figure it out hahaha. From what I understood they all go to the beach and throw water at each other. 

So there are a lot of transvestites in the Philippines. It’s really interesting. Usually they come out in little packs at night time. BUT since it was fiesta there were huge HEARDS of them. So many. It made me wonder where they all go during the day… 

So this week was pretty rough. It was super rough actually. Like no one was home because school, fiesta, rain… So we had very few lessons so I was really stressed. But it’s okay because it’s a new week and we are going to change how we do things and work even harder!

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. Now I’m starting over and I’m going to finish the New Testament soon. There are some interesting verses in the bible haha.

Anyway, in the pictures we met these two really sweet old ladies, Alma and Faviola. Faviola is the one sitting next to me and shes like 90 something. They’re so cute. And I also found COLORFUL CHICKS which was one of my goals for the mish hahahhaa they were really cute. 

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

PS I’m super excited for the fourth of July im going to rep my country with red white and blue and im trying to figure out how i can do something exciting at night to celebrate without breaking mission rules. Let me know if you have suggestions.DSCN0348[1]DSCN0354[1]

Cauayan Week 15

Heylo! (That’s how some of the Filipinos say it)

This week Sister Camo and I were attacked by giant spiders. I have now killed a total of 10 in our house. This week alone, we killed 5. It was seriously almost every night this week… I tried to kill one and it ran and we had to hunt it down. Fun times.

It’s because it is rainy season right now! It rains almost every day now. It’s horrible hahaha. I love the rain don’t get me wrong. But we have to work when it rains. And in the Philippines, when it rains it pours. And all the paths are dirt. And there is no drainage system. So it floods in like 5 minutes. And my umbrella I realized is super small hahahaha I’m going to buy one that is a little more suitable for my size. But it is the best when it rains when we are at home at night 🙂 I light my candle and eat warm cinnamon bread in my PJ’s. 

I don’t have very much time but this week was good! We found this man in a really random area that is super cool and super prepared and brought us to teach like everyone in the neighborhood cause he’s related to all of them. He’s a homie. 

Congratulations to Camille Walker>>Hutchings for getting married you looked like a super model (what’s new?) and I love you.

And shout out to my dad Captain Jack for being the coolest dad ever and taking me camping when I was younger to prepare me for the crazy life I am living in the Philippines. Love you pops!

Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

1 Cutest little girl ever. Her name is Princess.

2 My companion Sister Camo and a super cool bridge we cross every other day.