Santa Fe Week 4

We have an investigator named Bin Laden. He said that’s what his mom has always called him because he was born on 9/11. He’s super nice though.

Rodney was baptized! Yay! It was hilarious. He is a really cute skinny bald old man. In the font, they told him to plug his nose before he got dunked. He pointed to his forehead and we were like no, your nose. And then he pointed to the tip of his nose. And we were like no plug your nose. Then he stuck his finger up his nose like he was picking it HAHHAA. It was so cute.

So that was Sister Arque’s first baptism. Later that day, it was raining and we were walking on the side of the road and there was a HUGE puddle and a car came zooming by and a huge tidal wave came and soaked her. She was so mad at the driver hahahha and i was just cracking up. She got baptized too. So happy for her.

It also was her birthday this week and we celebrated it was a good time.

We went bowling last pday and i got 3rd place again.

We have a HUGE toko (which is a giant lizard) in front of our house. I had only heard there was one but the other night it came out of hiding. It was so gnarly. It’s huge. It looks so cool. But if they bite you they wont let go till you kill it so gotta keep a good distance.

One of the elders investigators got married this week and i was her make up artist hehe. She actually looked really beautiful. It was fun. The elders did her hair and her bouquet hahaha.

It wont let me send pictures. So lame cause i have a ton of good pictures now but it wont let me.

Love you,

Sister Allegretti

Santa Fe Week 3

I have like no time to write this cause the Elder sitting next to me is telling me the hour is up.

This week was cool. It rained a lot. I think rainy season has started again.

We have a baptism this Saturday I’m excited. But other than that we don’t have any really solid baptisms set yet so I’m a little stressed about that.

K i gotta go haha love you all

Sister Allegretti

Santa Fe Week 2

This week was sweet.

So my new companion’s name is Sister Arque. She is from Palawan which is the prettiest island in the Philippines and the place i want to vacation to in the future. She speaks Tagalog. It’s good because I’ve been studying Tagalog for the past like 6 months so I’ve been able to practice my Tagalog with her. She came pre-trained. All i have to do is teach her Ilonggo because she’s already a really good missionary. It will be a really easy training.

Our area is doing well. We have met a lot of people with great potential to be baptized. We are just trying to get organized so that we can help them all prepare to be baptized and set up weekly baptisms for the next couple months. My last two transfers has officially started. When my trainee is done with training I’ll be going home. So crazy. It still feels so far away though. I got a tentative flight plan. I’m flying to Manila. Then to Tokyo. Then straight to San Diego and I should get there on August 4th at 11am or something. But that’s not set it could totally change.

It’s so different being assigned in the city. We ride on jeepneys instead of tricycles. I hate them hahaha. It’s so hard to get on and off of them because I’m so tall and you have to like ninja crouch but my back is already on the top of the jeep when im bent over. It’s real hard. But I’ve been getting better at it.

I have pictures i want to send but its not letting me upload them :(. Sorry.

Love you all have a great week!

Sister Allegretti

Santa Fe Week 1

Hey so I am in the city now. It’s really different. I’ll tell you more about it next week. I just skyped my mommy for mother’s day. It was fantastic. Happy mother’s day mom.

So i am training! I will have a new filipino companion that will be new to the mission. She gets here on Wednesday.

I’ll write more next week. Sorry! Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

Victorias Week 26 (Transfer!)

I had the most stressful dream of my life this week. I was working at Jamba Juice like the good old days and Kara and Cosy came in to visit me. Kara ordered the orange carrot karma, 32 ounce. If you haven’t worked at Jamba Juice, you don’t understand that this is like the worst thing for someone to order. It’s so much work to make. You have to hand squeeze the oranges and juice the carrots. And I forgot how to make it in my dream and i was panicking because the order on the screen turned red (also something you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve worked at jamba juice) and she came in like 30 minutes later and i still was just panicking not knowing what to do. It literally woke me up because i was so stressed. And i couldnt go back to sleep. So i just sat there till Sister Lee woke up at 6:30.

We had a baptism on Saturday. Pamela was baptized. It was a great time.

So by the way, I transferred earlier today, surprise. This will probably be my last area. I’m in Santa Fe. Which is in Bacolod City so im finally not assigned in the middle of nowhere. I’m in the city. I’m excited. My companion right now is Sister Respicio but she goes home next week so it will only be for a couple days. I’m kinda bummed i got transferred out of Victorias because we had weekly baptisms all planned out but it’s chill it’s a good thing to leave behind for Sister Lee’s new companion. I’ll miss Sister Lee we got along really well.

If any of you are wondering, I’m coming home on August 3. Okie dokie all is well here. Love you guys!

Sister Allegretti

Victorias Week 25

This week we baptized an active member!

Haha her record got lost… welcome to the Philippines. She was a little offended at first but we did some bonding cracked some jokes and now were all best friends and she was rebaptized. She was a good sport about it all.

Also found out our investigator that was supposed to be getting baptized next week ISNT MARRIED to her “husband”. Who knew? I swear i asked her the first lesson (i always do just to get it all out in the open) if they were married. Swear they said yes. My companion can testify. Then we taught the law of chastity a few days ago and that bomb got dropped. Super disappointing. So we’re gunna try to help them get married now.

We’ve got a back up for this Saturday though, don’t worry. There’s this really awesome girl that’s 15 named Pomela that’s getting baptized.

This week when we were walking down this really hot dusty path in the middle of a sugar cane field that we always walk down, there was a dog sleeping in the middle of it. It was so hot. It’s eyes were open. I don’t know why it would sleep in the middle of a hot dusty road with its eyes open. Just kidding it died. It fell asleep for eternity. It was super sad.

I’ve officially been in this area forever now. Members keep asking me when I’m going to transfer. They’re getting sick of me. Sorry.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for this week. Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

Victorias Week 24

This week was cool.

I actually can’t think of a single thing to talk about because nothing cool really happened…

For real can’t think of anything…

I got a migraine yesterday at stake conference. My vision started getting all spotty and the building was packed with people and i was trying to get outside but everyone kept trying to shake my hand and talk to me and i was like i cant see your face right now please don’t try to talk to me. Then i had to sit there in the bright room super loud for another 2 hours. Ride home on a super bouncy, packed, hot bus for an hour. Super fun.

But on the bright side, there’s this restaurant that Sister Lee and I eat at pretty regularly because it has pasta and it’s really nice and classy on the inside so it feels like America. It’s where all the rich Filipinos eat and we always feel really out of place and just people watch all the rich Filipinos. And the owner is friends with all the rich people that come in like they have secret handshakes (thats a joke) and we always feel really left out cause he doesn’t come talk to us. BUT we finally became friends with him. He thought we didn’t speak Ilonggo so he was afraid to talk to us. We’re finally in.

Sorry those are the only two things I remember happening. I hope you all had a great week like mine. Love you all!

Sister Allegretti

Didn’t take any pictures cause nothing happened… sorry.

Sorry this email was the worst. I’ll do better next time.