Cauayan Week 14

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m eating pop rocks right now. I found them in my suitcase this morning. I’m going to give them to all of the little Filipino children later it will be a blast.

Also I have a dog. His name is Wacky. Whenever we go to one of the neighborhoods here he always follows me through the forest and will come in the peoples houses with us and sit right underneath me. He loves me. We also have pet cats. One of them is pregnant and the other one is the baby daddy i think. They always chill on our porch. I love them. 

This week, we taught a lesson about temples to the Fernando family. The husband came!! I had never even met him because he is never home. He is less active but the rest of the family are not members yet. So it was an awesome lesson with the whole family. At the end, he gave the closing prayer and we all kneeled in their little bamboo house. It was super awesome. I love that family. 

We did a lot of traveling this week so it was pretty rough and stressful because we had less time to work but things turned out alright! The drive to Sipalay is super beautiful. Through the mountains right next to the ocean. 

My companion is super awesome. She always tries to make me eat weird Filipino food thought. I ate ugat this week. (Dried fish). It was actually pretty good. She wants me to eat frog…

If any of you know how to work dear elder you should send me letters through that because it makes me really happy. Shout out to Sandy Bertha for always writing me dear elders so i have mail :).

Palangga ko kamo!! 

Sister Allegretti